1. Katherine,
    Some of these issues will come up in the Workshop I’m leading in the first session on Teaching Digital History, including links to graduate and undergraduate digital history courses.

    Still, I’m going be part of creating a Digital Studies 101 course in the next year or so, so a more interdisciplinary approach to the topic would be welcome. As a separate session, we might build on the work done in the THATCamp Prime session on Teaching Digital Humanities/DH 101 in 2010. The session notes are here: docs.google.com/document/edit?id=1Jw1VDDeZDOoGrRIVdjyvIT2HsAVOMfXdMzbjxIfwyss

  2. Perhaps this is a chance to distinguish UG/G courses, too?

    I definitely like the idea of getting some advice about texts, best practices, etc.

    I see plenty here to discuss!

  3. Mills Kelly says:

    This one sounds good to me as well. I’ve taught two grad courses in digital history — one a general course and one focused on teaching — and am teaching my first undergrad course that is explicitly a digital history course this coming semester. Given that my syllabus is still not finalized, I’m hoping to crib some good ideas in such a session!


  1. January is Digital Humanities Month at Stillwater Historians | Stillwater Historians
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