• MapStorytelling

    We are building a new dimension to the global data commons at www.mapstory.org that empowers users to “crowd source” data within a geospatial and temporal framework and represent these data in a standardized, searchable format (to include geospatial and temporal/chronological search), and in such a way that these data can easily be accessed, analyzed and visualized – particularly geospatially and temporally.

    In this session we would like to engage participants in an open discussion that hits on several of the universal questions posed by the process of MapStorytelling – i.e. how to facilitate quality peer review in an open environment, how to insert time into the current geo-spatial mix, what features are vital for enhancing the richness of narratives, how to deal responsibly with Creative Commons and Open Database licenses, etc.

    We’ll start by introducing the alpha version of mapstory.org, the concept of MapStorytelling as we are thinking about it to-date, and the questions we struggle with, and will then open up the floor for discussion.


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