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  • Give us your feedback!


    The survey for THATCamp AHA is here.  It’s quick and easy.

    Thanks for coming.

    Jeff and Dan

  • “Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Historians” : Ithaka Report


    This month Ithaka released this report: supporting-the-changing-research-practices-of-historians. I would be interested discussing how this report may act a springboard for winder discussions on the role of libraries and archives (henceforth just using libraries) and those who staff these institutions.

    My interest comes from three different concerns. I am  the librarian responsible for most of the topics covered at NYU’s Department of History (along with a few other departments).  I am on the board of the International Association of Labour History Institutions, a group of research institutions,  predominantly European and of varying sizes, that focus on social history.  And last and closely tied to the previous two, I am working historian who has published a work in print and a significantly enhanced version digitally.

    My talk proposal is related to but somewhat different than Mary-Allen Johnson’s post.  I am more interested in discussing the future role(s) of the library in historical scholarship.  Where is it collaborative and where is it supportive.



  • THATCamp Check In, AHA Registration


    As Amanda noted, THATCamp AHA participants will check in at the Nottoway room at the Sheraton New Orleans (500 Canal Street)  at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 3.

    Those of you who are registered for the AHA meeting should note that AHA registration opens at noon on Thursday, so you won’t be able to pick up your AHA badge before attending THATCamp. Registration, located across the street in the New Orleans Marriott’s Mardi Gras Ballroom, is open until 7 p.m. Thursday evening so you will be able to pick up your AHA badge immediately afterward.


    Debbie Doyle

    American Historical Association

  • Preparing for THATCamp AHA


    The second THATCamp AHA is drawing near: it will take place on Thursday 1/3 at the Sheraton New Orleans. We’ve got almost 50 participants — see who’s coming at and log in to update your own profile information if you like (click “Lost your password?” if you need to). You can upload a profile picture at

    Now is also the time to start thinking about what you’d like to do or discuss at THATCamp AHA. From now till THATCamp AHA begins, you can propose one or more session ideas by logging in to the site, clicking Posts –> Add New, writing out your idea, then clicking “Publish” to post your idea on the site where we can all see and discuss it. See for more information about how and what you might propose, not to mention a little bit of explanation about why things work this way at THATCamp. We’d particularly like to encourage “Make” sessions this year.

    Please arrive at the Nottoway room in the Sheraton by 8:30am to pick up your THATCamp AHA badge so that we can begin creating a schedule promptly at 9am. We’ve got a full day for sessions this year.

    Write me gro.p1563331060macta1563331060ht@of1563331060ni1563331060 or on Twitter at @thatcamp with any questions, and go to to see what’s going on at other THATCamps around the world. Hope you find THATCamp AHA fun, productive, and collegial.

  • Registration is open!


    To register, visit There is no fee for attending THATCamp AHA, and THATCamp AHA is open to all who wish to come — AHA members and AHA non-members alike. We have room for 100 people, so sign up soon to ensure your slot.

  • THATCamp AHA is back


    Plans are in the works to hold THATCamp AHA on January 3, 2013 in New Orleans. Check back on this website and follow @thatcampaha on Twitter for further details as they become available.

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